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Ex Nihilo now uses SAS Viya to provide insights

Ex Nihilo now uses the business intelligence tool SAS Viya to generate the information and insights you need on a real time base.
We offer these services on an ad-hoc base, or on a structural base.
For the structural base we can offer you a subscription license fee or you can purchase the software. Ex Nihilo is an official reseller of SAS products.

SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine that provides quick, accurate and reliable analytical insights. Elastic, scalable and fault-tolerant processing addresses the complex analytical challenges of today, while effortlessly scaling for the future. As an integrated part of the SAS Platform, SAS Viya provides:

  • Faster processing for huge amounts of data and the most complex analytics, including machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.
  • A standardized code base that supports programming in SAS and other languages, like Python, R, Java and Lua.
  • Support for cloud, on-site or hybrid environments. It deploys seamlessly to any infrastruc- ture or application ecosystem.

SAS Viya is an underlying foundation for a host of solutions that take advantage of this cloud-enabled extension of the SAS Platform. Most offerings include a coding interface as well as an intuitive, visual interface. Current SAS Viya products include:

  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • SAS® Data Preparation
  • SAS® Visual Statistics
  • SAS®Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • SAS® Visual Forecasting
  • SAS® Optimization
  • SAS® Econometrics
  • SAS® Visual Investigator
  • SAS®Detection and Investigation for Banking
  • SAS®Detection and Investigation for Government
  • SAS®Detection and Investigation for HealthCare
  • SAS®Detection and Investigation for Insurance
  • SAS®Intelligence and Investigation