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Have all shipments been invoiced?

Know that all shipments have been invoiced, in full and at the right price.

A crucial question for any controller is whether all deliveries to clients have been invoiced. This is also an important question for the external auditor. Unfortunately, within SAP it is not possible to generate an overview specifying all deliveries (WL’s) linked to all sales invoices (RV’s), meaning have all deliveries been invoiced.

We developed a report specifying all deliveries (WL’s) linked to all sales invoices (RV’s). We performed this for several customers and audit firms have used this report in their audit and were very satisfied with the report and outcome.

The report will help companies to be more in control and increase the accuracy and completeness of the invoiced and collected sales.

Next to the reconciliation the report provides an insight on specified issues being (among others):

  • Posted on wrong general ledger account;
  • Debit and credit invoice same quantity, different amount;
  • Difference between shipped quantity and invoiced quantity;
  • Invoiced quantity and no shipped quantity.

The report can be generated in different formats and views and provided in different ways on a near real time base. Data can be extracted from SAP and processed in SAP and/ or in SQL. SQL can distribute a report, or the data can be imported in a BI tool. The report can also be prepared for other ERP systems.