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Optimize your cash flow

Working capital is the cheapest and fastest source of cash for a company. It is interest free and comes with no conditions. A healthy cash (flow) position helps companies to make strategic investments or reduce external funding and create higher rates of return to shareholders.

Why is it that numerous companies do not have a formal working capital strategy or do not work accordingly?

It starts with managing the cash flow and therefore the working capital as a strategic initiative and drive continuous operational and structural improvements, addressing all aspects of (working capital) polices, processes and metrics.

The next step is improving the management information by adopting key performance indicators, so you can measure the current situation/development and set the targets for the desired situation.

Other key initiatives are:

  • Standardization and automation of related processes;
  • Streamlining of manufacturing and supply chains;
  • Closer collaboration and process alignment with customers and suppliers;
  • Better coordination between functions and processes in supply, planning;
  • manufacturing, procurement and logistics;
  • Improvements in billing and cash collections and more effective management of payment terms;
  • Implementation of more robust supply chain risk management policies;
  • Make sure that the initiatives are sustainable and to keep it simple.

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