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I have been hearing and reading a lot about it again lately. Employees are not doing anything about further educating themselves. In terms of knowledge, they continue to carry out their work during their employment at the same level. They are unaware that they have a lot of ground to make up and could lose their job, not to mention having zero chances of getting that desired promotion.
In addition, many people are afraid of the robotization and/or automation of various processes within a company. But is this really a threat, or is it perhaps an opportunity?
I myself see it as an opportunity. Each change brings new work or new functions with it. A condition here, however, is that you must continue to develop and keep up to date with the developments in the market and in your area of expertise.

Despite current technology, I often see that work in Finance & Control is still being carried out in the same way it was many years ago. Because we have always done it that way, so why change?
We export a lot of data from our ERP package to Excel and then subsequently convert it into various tables and graphs. A (costly) mistake is easily made.

In addition to it being error-prone, it costs a great deal of time to prepare such an Excel file. It often leaves little time to understand and analyze the generated information. And it is precisely this analysis which is very important. Often this information is generated and used for investment calculations, cost price calculations, margin analysis and so much more. Based on this information, the management board makes decisions or determines whether the strategic plans will be achieved. In these processes, many results and/or values of the company can be created or destroyed.
So instead of spending 80% of the time on compiling information and 20% of the time on analyzing it, lets spend 20% of the time on compiling information and 80% of the time on analyzing and advising based on this information. In order to do that, we need the automation and robotization of these processes. And, of course, development of the knowledge and skills of the employees.
So go mad, don’t just see it as a threat, but rather as an opportunity for yourself. And if you can’t do that, give me a call; I will be happy to explain it to you further.

Robert de Vries
Ex Nihilo